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Guess what??!! More snow! This is a familiar sight isn’t it? Only 10 more inches to beat our record…so as weird as it sounds “Let it SNOW!”

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!! I did! We never go crazy over Valentine’s Day, we usually pick a smaller low key restaurant or eat in. Cards and maybe a small gift will be exchanged. This year Joe cooked for me on Saturday and gave me a plant I wanted. He did a nice job didn’t he 🙂

I was going to cook dinner on Sunday night but was too lazy! It was snowy and I didn’t want to go to the store. Sooo I “made” Northern Lights Pizza!

I did do a little baking! Sugar Cookies!! I got some new dragees that I was dying to use. I went a little picture happy with them 🙂 but they are just so pretty. I love that if you look closely you can see my reflection in them!

So soft and fluffy! Sorry this recipe won’t be given out. It’s a secret!

I am off to the store, we are having potluck girls night and I am making my healthy lasagna.


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– 8 Degrees

Man is it cold out!! Look at the “feels like” temp, it says -8, eek!! That was earlier today too, so I can only imagine its colder now.  I took Maddie out to play but it was just too much for her 😦 Poor pooch.

This afternoon was spent studying with a hot Americano. I added some International Delight, it was on sale so I bought some. It wasn’t too bad. I ended up adding some skim milk and a splenda packet. Once the International Delight is gone, I probably won’t buy it again.

I cleared off my car for tomorrow, I figured that getting the first layer of snow off will help me in the morning. It took me a while and it was cold but I know that I won’t regret it tomorrow. I am assuming I will be going to work tomorrow. A day off is nice but catch up isn’t fun.

If I didn’t have any studying to do I would have baked all day. I wish I could have. I was in the mood too!! I have a cookie exchange on Saturday. I can’t wait!! I was going to make sugar cookies but I might change it up a bit. I am in the mood to make some candycane cookies and brown sugar spritz. When I was growing up those were 2 of my favorite kinds of cookies to make with my mom 🙂 

At work I am organizing an adoption of a few units at a nursing home. Its been really fun planning it and the response has been great! Since I love to shop I am going to go shopping for a few co-workers that wanted to participate but hate to shop. I created a really cute display. I put up a ‘clothes line’ and hung mittens up on them. Each pair of mittens had a name on one and the items they wanted on the other. The managers are also letting a few people go to the Christmas parties where the gifts will be opened. It should be great fun!!

***I am testing out picture sizes, what do you think?

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Dreams do come true

No work for me today 🙂

To do for today??? Laundry, STUDY, relax, dig out my car!

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Look at my view right now!! We got out of work early today. I will admit, right when I woke up this morning I called our work weather hotline…it was pretty wishful thinking. It hadn’t snowed that much last night. I actually just called it again for tomorrow but nothing yet. I am hoping, wishing, dreaming for a snow day. It took me about twice as long to get home from work. I am a pretty cautious driver. What really makes me nervous is the other crazy drivers!! I feel like the trucks and suv’s are alway flying by me. I am happy to say the new car really handles well in the snow.

I got a new Kia Forte about a month ago. This was my first time in the snow with it. Thats the color of my car too 🙂 its really cute. When I went to get my car starter installed, one of the guys asked me how I liked it. He had been looking at it and a Honda Civic. I responded…”Its cute!” Then after I said it I tried to take it back…I don’t think guys want to drive a ‘cute’ car. Picture source.

After work I took Maddie out to play in the SNOW, she went wild!! Then came in and made some Mac & Cheese for dinner. I will say, I do love my Kraft Mac & Cheese. I tried making homemade a few weeks ago, and it wasn’t that great.

I am off to bed early…works going to update the weather hotline at 5:30 am…so you know what I will be doing around that time 😉

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2 down, 11 to go

Ok 2 chapters done, for me thats good but considering I was supposed to be studying all day, very very bad. It started to SNOW here. One of our first for the year, we did have some earlier a few months ago but it was quick and didn’t stick. This time it stuck and covered the ground. I have even seen a snow plow or 2 cleaning up the roads.

As a dog owner I have a few pet peeves. I hate when people call my dog a ‘boy’ ‘him’ ‘it’, etc…She is a girl, she wears a pink collar and her name is Maddie. My other is when I nicely tell someone that “my dog isn’t the friendly to other dogs”, but then they continue to let their dog run at mine. Maybe I am not clear, maybe I should say, “Hi my dog isn’t trying to play with your dog, my dog is trying to show dominance and chances are their leashes are going to get tangled, and your dog will end up squealing and it’s not going to be fun” not to mention its SNOWING out and freezing cold. Sorry I am not usually such a negative nancy but this just happened and I am kinda annoyed.

I am off to bed early tonight, especially since I will have to get up early to scrape my car, BOO. But I did get my car starter installed this weekend just in time!

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