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High of 75!!

Check this out! Temps in the 70’s this week!! Windy but at least 70!!

As usual, life has been busy. I have been walking Maddie and spending more time outside! It has been wonderful. With that said, less and less blogging 😦 but I will try to be more consistent.

Here are just a few things I have been working on:

Wedding flowers!! Browsing and doing a little price comparison. What have I found out?? Flowers are expensive!!!

Doesn’t the upclose image of the carnation look beautiful! I think it looks like fluffy soft layered fabric! And look at these cute as a button Green Button flowers!!

Joe and I started our pre-marriage class at church. There are a lot of couples, probably around 20-25 couples in the class with us. Its nice, each week they break it down into a different topic.

I did a little a lot of baking for a baby shower.

Finally got to use my super cute dark brown cupcake wrappers that I got from my parents for Christmas!


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Weekend Blogger

Guess what??!! More snow! This is a familiar sight isn’t it? Only 10 more inches to beat our record…so as weird as it sounds “Let it SNOW!”

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!! I did! We never go crazy over Valentine’s Day, we usually pick a smaller low key restaurant or eat in. Cards and maybe a small gift will be exchanged. This year Joe cooked for me on Saturday and gave me a plant I wanted. He did a nice job didn’t he 🙂

I was going to cook dinner on Sunday night but was too lazy! It was snowy and I didn’t want to go to the store. Sooo I “made” Northern Lights Pizza!

I did do a little baking! Sugar Cookies!! I got some new dragees that I was dying to use. I went a little picture happy with them 🙂 but they are just so pretty. I love that if you look closely you can see my reflection in them!

So soft and fluffy! Sorry this recipe won’t be given out. It’s a secret!

I am off to the store, we are having potluck girls night and I am making my healthy lasagna.

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