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I’m Thankful

for all the blessings in my life

for my new hubby 🙂

for my family

for my friends

for my pooch, she is also very thankful, for her turkey dinner

Trying to pretend like she isn’t interested 😉


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I hate that loooong weekends go by soooo fast! Finally taking a minute to sit and relax. I have some ribs in the oven and sticky rice soaking…yummm! Pics and recipe to come. I have not cooked or baked in so long. I have been slacking for sure!!!

I have found my wedding DRESS!! I LOVE IT!!! Sorry you will have to wait until the wedding for pics. I confirmed my reception place on Friday and got my wedding papers from the church! I am getting so excited 🙂 I have been doing a lot of wedding stuff this past week, shopping, online ordering, talking with a caterer, venue, centerpieces, etc. So much fun…in fact I like it so much I think I want to do somethings with weddings when I grow up.

I do have a slight rant to make. I am in a friends wedding in August so we went to look at dresses for the bridesmaids today. We got the worst service ever today! Weddings by Design is where we went and our consultant was Natalie…yep that is how mad I am, I am dropping names and I am blogging about it! Long story short, the consultant was the rudest person I have ever meet and the service was horrible! We didn’t even want to stay and give them our business, so we left. We have already found the dress at a different store thats further away but worth the drive. I used to work in customer service so I am pretty critical when I get bad service. I also understand the importance of recognizing and sharing good experiences. So in order to balance out the bad, I will share the last GREAT customer service I got. I went to Gateway Market to get some bacon, cheddar, jalepeno burgers but they were out 😦 but the guy at the meat counter went and made some from me while I shopped and then came out and found me when he was done! How nice was that?

Ok off to finish dinner. The ribs are starting to smell wonderful!!

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Happy New Years!!

I spent last night ringing in the New Year with wonderful people at a friend’s house. Now that is my idea of a celebration!! I hope everyone had a wonderful start to their New Year! Just a goofy pic of me from last night 😉

2010 is looking to be packed full of weddings! CRAZINESS…so far Joe and I have 6-7 weddings to go to, I am in 2, and chances are we will be getting married too! No date has been set yet. I am still kinda waiting to have finalized dates of the weddings I am in before we make our decision.

I can hardly believe that my mini Christmas break is almost over! These days have flown by and I have been so busy. Its been a fun busy though, filled with family and friend time. Its just a reminder how important family and friends are.

So far its been a great start to 2010 (nice lazy day just for me)! I can’t wait to see what the year holds and am excited for whats to come!!!

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Wow what a great weekend! I am sad to see it end! After a short week due to snow and crazy few days at work, my weekend started on Friday evening with 2 great girlfriends, Danielle and Nikki. We went to Centro downtown for a yummy dinner and great conversation. I don’t get to Centro too often, because they do a lot of wood-grilling which Joe doesn’t care for, but I LOVE!! I had Stuffed Chicken Breast, side caesar salad and one yummy cocktail! After dinner I ran to the store for some late night shopping for cookie supplies. I almost had a heart attack because I thought they were out of powder sugar *gasp* but they were just hiding it in a display. I was glad because I really didn’t want to make another stop just for one item.

Saturday I got up early and baked all morning!! Chex mix, candy cane cookies and brown sugar spritz! That went pretty smoothly, although for all the parchment paper users out there, when pressing out the spritz they don’t stick to parchment so just use the pan. It only took me about 4 pans of frustration to figure this out. I got all packed up and went to Sherry’s for our cookie exchange. Below is just a small sampling of what I came home with, along with a few not pictured pieces of cake!! I have been snacking on cookies now for 2 days, the rest are going to work with me tomorrow.

This morning I slept in until 10:30, whoa!! Not like me at all, I mean literally slept until then, usually I wake up around 6:30/7 at the latest and lay round but today was deep wonderful sleep until 10:30 what a treat! That means I got almost 12 hours of sleep last night. Since then I have been studying, boo, and am taking a little break to write this post. Yes I am almost done studying and then I will quit talking about it. My test is tomorrow at 1, and my procrastination got the best of me…and I am a little worried 😦

These next 3 weeks are looking to be very busy and fun and I can’t wait!! This week my focus will be Christmas shopping. This seriously might be the latest I have ever waited to shop.

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Well I am officially off schedule by 2 hours and 40 minutes! My goal was to get up at 8 am, go work out, get some work in, make lasagna then head to dinner for Jenny’s Birthday. So far all I have done was wake up around 9:30, unload the dishwasher and sit on the couch 😦

But I do feel like I am entitled to some chill time. I have been busy busy busy these past 4 days. My Thanksgiving festivities started on Wednesday night with church with my family. Thursday was traditional Thanksgiving with my parents. Friday I CLEANED all day then had my family over for Dat Seen, crab rangoons, eggrolls, and shrimp rolls (dat seen = we all cooked around a griddle on the table…sooo gooooood). Saturday, Joe and I went down to MO for his family’s Thanksgiving, and drove back.

Although very busy, its been wonderful and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am off to prep my lasagna for tonight. A very healthy easy lasagna to make, with lean beef, lowfat cheeses and spinach. Recipe and pics to come!

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