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A lot has happened since my last post.

I made mustaches, then baked them and ruined them.

I went to NYC, had a crazy updo, was in a wedding, ate great food, walked miles, shopped in Chinatown, watched half fireworks from Time Square, and made it home exhausted 🙂

(some pics are from friends)

Started a new job…sorry no pics of this 🙂 Ran a million wedding errands. Slept!

Now time to make more mustaches and not melt them this time!!


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Sooooo back in October/November I remember going to the store looking for pumpkin puree to make pumpkin bars and NONE could be found…I talked to a few people and they mentioned a pumpkin shortage…eek! So when I finally did find some, I stocked up! I didn’t want to be at Thanksgiving without a pumpkin pie…so I bought a lot. So turns out there WASN’T a shortage, it just wasn’t in season yet. So now I have all this pumpkin. So I made Pumpkin Whoopie Pies!! I used that recipe, and I am going to brag…they were pretty ammmmmazing!

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Getting my GTL on, minus the G

Today, first official full day of VACATION!! Whooo!!!

So far I got my nails did 🙂 (Today I got my toes done and yesterday I got my nails done). I went to East Village Spa. If you are like me, the minute I leave the nail place I chip my polish…so I am trying something new. I got my mani with Shellac. It has a 14 day wear, 0 dry time and mirror finish! So far so good! Its a little more expensive but I think its going to be worth it especially for all these weddings coming up!

I tanned today…and now I am working on laundry…boo!! 7 loads to do, only 4 more left. UGH…

Sneak peek pic for upcoming blog post!!

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I think this is what Maddie does everyday all day long. I think she is NOT happy I am home, because I keep waking her up and disturbing her routine 🙂

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