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Buffalo Chicken Dip

At my last job I had this dip during a food day and knew I had to have it! Lucky for me the girl was willing to share! Lucky for you, I am sharing! I usually just use one bottle of Frank’s Wing sauce but I looked high and low at many different stores Super Bowl weekend and couldn’t find any…so I was creative and made it work.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

   1 smaller bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch (the smallest bottle or ½ of a
   regular sized bottle)
   8 oz block of Philly Cream Cheese Original
   1 Roasted Chicken from deli area of store (remove skin and
   bones, shred meat)
   1 bottle Frank’s Wing Sauce
   1 bag of finely shredded Cheddar or Monterey or Colby cheese

   Put the shredded chicken in the bottom of a casserole dish (9×13) and
   pour the bottle of Franks Wing Sauce over it. Mix until all the chicken
   is covered with hot sauce. I put this in the oven while the oven is
   preheating to start warming it up. In a sauce pan on the stove-top, on
   low/med heat melt the cream cheese and ranch together. You have to
   baby-sit it because it goes quickly, burns, and bubbles.  When smooth,
   pour over chicken, spread out evenly over the chicken. Bake dish for 20
   mins at 350 degrees. Take out and sprinkle cheese on top, put back in
   oven for 10 mins. I like to serve with Tortilla Chips.


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Weekend Blogger

Guess what??!! More snow! This is a familiar sight isn’t it? Only 10 more inches to beat our record…so as weird as it sounds “Let it SNOW!”

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!! I did! We never go crazy over Valentine’s Day, we usually pick a smaller low key restaurant or eat in. Cards and maybe a small gift will be exchanged. This year Joe cooked for me on Saturday and gave me a plant I wanted. He did a nice job didn’t he 🙂

I was going to cook dinner on Sunday night but was too lazy! It was snowy and I didn’t want to go to the store. Sooo I “made” Northern Lights Pizza!

I did do a little baking! Sugar Cookies!! I got some new dragees that I was dying to use. I went a little picture happy with them 🙂 but they are just so pretty. I love that if you look closely you can see my reflection in them!

So soft and fluffy! Sorry this recipe won’t be given out. It’s a secret!

I am off to the store, we are having potluck girls night and I am making my healthy lasagna.

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Here is the recipe from the ribs I made the other night 🙂 wish I had more!!

Buy your favorite kind of ribs. I went with pork ribs because they were on sale. I think I got a rack for about $10. I marinated it with Lee Kum Kee brand Chicken Marinade that I got from my local Asian store. This is the same brand I use for my oyster sauce. For the whole rack of ribs I used about 1 cup. I threw salt, pepper, 1/2 finely chopped jalapeno and about 2 tablespoons of minced garlic into the sauce too for extra flavor. I let this sit on the meat for about 10 minutes. Then I put foil on a cookie sheet, put the ribs on it and baked it for about an 1 1/2 hours at 350 degrees. They were amazing!! I ate with sticky rice and roasted asparagus.

I know it might seem funny to put chicken marinade on pork but it was really is good!! My friend Nicky made me baked chicken wings with this stuff once and I loved it. I had to go get a bottle of my own.  I think any kind of meat would be good with it. I can’t wait until its nicer out and I can grill with it!

Here is a sneak peek at some wedding reception decor! Joe said it looks like Horton Hears a Who! I kind of agree but still love them 🙂

Its kind of snowy again today! And its Super Bowl day!! Over a year ago I started my old blog over at blogger, I remember one of my first posts was about the Super Bowl. Ahhh the memories 🙂 I am going over to a (soon to be) friend’s house to watch the game and taking Buffalo Chicken Dip! I have to go hunt down some Frank’s Wing Sauce though, I went to 3 stores last night and ALL of them were out! Crazy!!

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