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I’m Back!

I’m back!!! I finally made it to Mediacom today and exchanged my cable modem. I just got around to plugging it in and nothing happened…sooo after 20 minutes with customer service, I’m back! Seriously what did we ever do without internet? I have it on my phone but it’s just not the same.

I have had a busy busy week! Family Christmases, finishing up work for the year, SNOW, got engaged, errands galore, friends visiting, spa day, etc. Yes I did slip in “got ENGAGED”  🙂 I am very super excited too! I even did a little bit of dress browsing today with my mum!

Thats Maddie with my ring and her new necklace 🙂

I am off to go catch up on my internet browsing on a normal sized screen!! Yay!!


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Internet, where are you??

I miss my internet!!! I am borrowing a little wireless from Joe’s place right now. I am waiting until my Karen-made Christmas break to have Mediacom come out and check out my internet. I also think I need to update to wireless at my place.

What is a Karen-made Christmas break?? Its 11 wonderful days of nothing!! So basically when I leave work on Thursday, I am done working for the year!! Wooooo…pretty excited! I can’t wait! This is a much needed break for me. I am super excited, so far I have set up lunch dates almost everyday of the week! Plus I have some of my best friends coming into town!! Ahhhhh!!!

This past week at work has been crazy busy! Also I don’t think I mentioned but I passed my test…yesssssss. This weekend was equally busy but great fun! Friday I procrastinated and just chilled. Saturday I ran errands, worked out, cooked and went to a Christmas party. Today was Joe’s family Christmas. The Mandarin is open again so we went there for lunch, then back to Joe’s brothers house for treats and presents. This year we had to make our secret santa gifts. It was a lot of fun to see what everyone made each other.

I am off to catch up on all my online stuff now that I actually have some internet.

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Sorry going to be MIA for a bit, my internet is not working 😦

Boo Mediacom!

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Wow what a great weekend! I am sad to see it end! After a short week due to snow and crazy few days at work, my weekend started on Friday evening with 2 great girlfriends, Danielle and Nikki. We went to Centro downtown for a yummy dinner and great conversation. I don’t get to Centro too often, because they do a lot of wood-grilling which Joe doesn’t care for, but I LOVE!! I had Stuffed Chicken Breast, side caesar salad and one yummy cocktail! After dinner I ran to the store for some late night shopping for cookie supplies. I almost had a heart attack because I thought they were out of powder sugar *gasp* but they were just hiding it in a display. I was glad because I really didn’t want to make another stop just for one item.

Saturday I got up early and baked all morning!! Chex mix, candy cane cookies and brown sugar spritz! That went pretty smoothly, although for all the parchment paper users out there, when pressing out the spritz they don’t stick to parchment so just use the pan. It only took me about 4 pans of frustration to figure this out. I got all packed up and went to Sherry’s for our cookie exchange. Below is just a small sampling of what I came home with, along with a few not pictured pieces of cake!! I have been snacking on cookies now for 2 days, the rest are going to work with me tomorrow.

This morning I slept in until 10:30, whoa!! Not like me at all, I mean literally slept until then, usually I wake up around 6:30/7 at the latest and lay round but today was deep wonderful sleep until 10:30 what a treat! That means I got almost 12 hours of sleep last night. Since then I have been studying, boo, and am taking a little break to write this post. Yes I am almost done studying and then I will quit talking about it. My test is tomorrow at 1, and my procrastination got the best of me…and I am a little worried 😦

These next 3 weeks are looking to be very busy and fun and I can’t wait!! This week my focus will be Christmas shopping. This seriously might be the latest I have ever waited to shop.

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Another chilly night!! I am so very tempted to turn up the heat, but I can stick it out and add a few more layers. I keep my place at about 68 in the winter and 72 in the summers.

Normal hours for work today and as predicted it was pretty busy. But tomorrow TGIF already!! I did spend most the day thinking it was Monday so what a pleasant surprise it wasn’t.

Since its so chilly tonight I thought I would treat myself to my favorite Christmas time treat. Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark!! My all time favorite!! I always buy a lot of bags after Christmas to get them at a discount and put them in the freezer to last me all year round. Plus I love the hard crunch of the bark straight from the freezer.

What’s your favorite Christmas treat that you look forward to every year?

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– 8 Degrees

Man is it cold out!! Look at the “feels like” temp, it says -8, eek!! That was earlier today too, so I can only imagine its colder now.  I took Maddie out to play but it was just too much for her 😦 Poor pooch.

This afternoon was spent studying with a hot Americano. I added some International Delight, it was on sale so I bought some. It wasn’t too bad. I ended up adding some skim milk and a splenda packet. Once the International Delight is gone, I probably won’t buy it again.

I cleared off my car for tomorrow, I figured that getting the first layer of snow off will help me in the morning. It took me a while and it was cold but I know that I won’t regret it tomorrow. I am assuming I will be going to work tomorrow. A day off is nice but catch up isn’t fun.

If I didn’t have any studying to do I would have baked all day. I wish I could have. I was in the mood too!! I have a cookie exchange on Saturday. I can’t wait!! I was going to make sugar cookies but I might change it up a bit. I am in the mood to make some candycane cookies and brown sugar spritz. When I was growing up those were 2 of my favorite kinds of cookies to make with my mom 🙂 

At work I am organizing an adoption of a few units at a nursing home. Its been really fun planning it and the response has been great! Since I love to shop I am going to go shopping for a few co-workers that wanted to participate but hate to shop. I created a really cute display. I put up a ‘clothes line’ and hung mittens up on them. Each pair of mittens had a name on one and the items they wanted on the other. The managers are also letting a few people go to the Christmas parties where the gifts will be opened. It should be great fun!!

***I am testing out picture sizes, what do you think?

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Dreams do come true

No work for me today 🙂

To do for today??? Laundry, STUDY, relax, dig out my car!

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